Our Products

The Raglan


Raglan is known as the home of independent-minded folk who like to live life on their own terms –people. The Raglan coffin is made for those who choose the plain and simple.
It is built of rough-sawn, untreated NZ pine, individually cut handles on the bandsaw and lined with unbleached calico fabric.

The Coromandel


The design ideas for the Coromandel came during a balmy afternoon at Cathedral Cove. The arch that you pass through to get there is reflected in the style of the handles, and the lid screws are worked from the shape of that solitary rock that stands just off the beach.
Everything about this coffin – the crisp outline, the sandy colour – began at Cathedral Cove.

The Coromandel is built of carefully dressed and sanded, untreated NZ pine.

The Nelson


Someone said to us that this is a coffin that Charles Rennie MacIntosh might have designed. High praise. To us the design ideas were a bit more home-grown. Nelson is a lovely region, full of artists and galleries. There are a lot of outstanding craftspeople in Nelson; it is a centre of excellence for handmade objects. So this is our salute to Nelson: a beautifully designed and crafted coffin.
Made in untreated clear-dressed NZ pine and finished with a natural oil.